Jan. 31, 2017

The Mad Hatter

Provoked Thoughts
Anytime, an individual, states he interprets the Constitution as it was written in 1789. I simply shudder at the consequences of that statement.Since in 1789 when The Constitution it was written black people were considered chattel no different than livestock, with fewer living rights than livestock. Women had no rights as related to democratic participation in governmental affairs. The nation was based solely on the principle or concept that white superiority was an actuality, not a theory. So when I see that Donald "The Mad Hatter" Trump has nominated this man, Neil Gorsuch, I can only imagine how dangerous that interpretation can be. The Constitution is supposed to be an evolving document that breathes life into the concept of true justice as times and events warrant. So does this mean any constitutional amendments secured after 1789 have no basis to been included or now legally enforced? Just asking, Mad Hatter, just asking. Just wondering should I start searching for my other 2/5?