Feb. 3, 2017

Friday's Black History Salute To Countee Cullen, He Married A Dubois and Taught A Baldwin

The history of blacks includes many inspiring artists who laid claim to defined brilliance and excellence. One of these individuals was Countee Cullen, whose words created magic on the pages he decorated with incredible letters of profound truth. Quick question, who was the only man to marry a Dubois and teach a Baldwin? Why, Countee Cullen, who married the daughter of WEB DuBois, Yolande DuBois and taught High School French to James Baldwin. This master ancestor was sometimes overlooked by two of his contemporaries Langston Hughes, and Zora Neale Hurston during the marvelous age of the Harlem Renaissance. However, his impact on the literary community during that period of time was quite legendary. So on this Friday, Day 3 of Black History Month, I intend to pay special homage to Mr. Cullen, who faced life’s challenges of racism and prejudice but still managed to excel and produce fantastic works of art. Mr. Cullen’s life was swirled in controversy but his poetic verses rose above those circumstances as his measured greatness were magnified by his creation of verse. As we move along day by day, remember this, our black history need not ever be a black mystery.