Feb. 8, 2017

Salute To The Master Of Black Poetic Verse, Langston Hughes

Today, I start a two-day journey saluting the words of Langston Hughes. He was the ultimate warrior of words for the black community. I will have completed the celebration of three wordsmiths who were lifelong friends Countee Cullen, Arna Bontemps, and Langston Hughes. Each man was distinctly in writing styles but each was powerful in the delivery of thought. I will bring more historical perspective​ on the life of Langston Hughes tomorrow but I wanted to give my personal thoughts this morning. In a time when it was vividly difficult for black people living under the bootstraps of oppression and racial hatred, Langston Hughes spoke truth to injustice and bigotry yet maintained his manhood and individuality​. God truly created Langston Hughes it is without question because his power in prose was heavenly.​