Feb. 9, 2017

Salute To Langston Hughes, Day Two Celebrating Word Master Langston Hughes

What an incredible creative brother Langston Hughes was. His words will stand against the hourglass of eternity and last forever. His genius was without question and his passion for truth and justice was immeasurable. Langston Hughes sought through his words to develop black consciousness in his readers, and he succeeded. Read his works and you are taken back to the majesty of the black experience with all the struggles, and gifts artfully revealed. There were many who walked in this ancestors shadow influenced by the wonder of his words. He lived for 65 years but those years he filled the cup of wisdom for many generations to come. You cannot celebrate our black history without revealing the power of the words and thoughts of Langston Hughes. Today I will present some more of his excellence so enjoy because "our black history need not ever be a black mystery". In his poetic words, my voice Langston Hughes.