Feb. 10, 2017

My Ownership of Black History Is Motivated By The Masters and The Ancestors

Who inspired or inspires you? Tomorrow on my own black history need not remain a black mystery, their poetic words, inspired my words, in my voice, creating is by own choice. You need to stay constantly alerted so that you can be a consciousness convert. My words these days come from living in this world with all my experiences as well as living through the experiences of my ancestors. You see I believe that our spirits are intertwined with the experiences gather through personal living and the majesty of those experiences gleaned from the words and experiences of others. So for the past few years to keep my mind focused during my current physical struggles. I intentionally built up my brain power to counteract against the weakening of my physical power. I understood that our black history need not ever be a black mystery. So I decided to begin sharing and creating so that these unique thoughts weren't lost to a cloud of silence. I have always loved how Brother Langston Hughes expressed in life through his words. So, he motivated me to achieve beyond my expectations. As we live as black people struggling still for equality across the board in this society. I have learned from those who struggled before me that no challenge can completely stifle our progress. Oh, it may slow progress but it can never eliminate completely the process through which to progress forward. That's why I decided this morning to share my words, inspired by others, in my voice strengthened by others. Knowing that in doing this I elevate the words and deeds of those who have passed before me. Please enjoy these selected creations just a few of how I have learned to view this world. I end the selections with a salute to Langston Hughes, my master motivator.