Feb. 16, 2017

How Bigly Is That College's Enrollment

Provoked Thoughts
The Mad Hatter keeps talking about the Electoral College yet he doesn't know the history of the Electoral College from as recent as 1988. Dammit, y'all, he's simply unqualified to hold the Office of President. If this had been the Celebrity Apprentice, he would've fired himself, why can't America fire him now? The joke is clearly on those who voted for this man, so why do we all have to suffer through this?
I had bigly win don't you agree? When confronted with a simple google fact check correction of his alternate reality, I had a bigly win don't you agree, I was just handed a sheet of paper and I read it like a puppet without even digesting what I was reading. I bet The Mad Hatter even believes that the Electoral College has a syllabus with course selection, how bigly is that college's enrollment it must be 3 to 5 million.