Feb. 17, 2017

In His Words, My Voice Etheridge Knight, You Cannot Caged A Mind Once It Has Awakened

Etheridge Knight was born in throes of poverty in the backwoods of Mississippi, spent some of his youth growing up in Kentucky, before his family settled down in Indianapolis, Indiana as a part of the great southern migration. Brother Knight highly intelligent but never truly motivated by traditional education. Most likely because of his high level of intelligence. Etheridge Knight found himself lost in the world of opium while serving as a medic in the Korean War. That addiction put Brother Knight on the road to incarceration for stealing a purse to feed that habit. While serving his time he didn’t allow the time to overcome him. Etheridge Knight overcame the time and developed his voice for poetry. He only lived on this planet for some 60 years but his life was full of struggles that he fought the inner devils of addiction. Married to the great poet Sonia Sanchez at one time, Brother Etheridge Knight’s words were ignited by the civil rights movement and a major part of the Black Arts Movement. He was motivated by Hughes, and Malcolm X spoke with raw truthfulness about the experiences of life behind bars as well as life as a black man in an oppressive society. Today, Friday, In His Words, My Voice, Etheridge Knight, you see our Black History need not ever be a Black Mystery.