Feb. 17, 2017

Provoked Thought, People Die

Provoked Thoughts
People Die
Folks, news flash the life span of the average white American male is 78.74 years. George "The Animal" Steele died at 79 years of age today. Thus, please don't load up timelines with messages of shock about his death. The Animal, who lived life on the edge with steroids and such died, simple as that he was, as we all are, destined to die. His biological simply clock ran out. No shock, please 79 years of life. Now if he had died at say 59, 49, 39 or 29 then shock would be in play. At 79 years of age, just a plain Rest in Peace will suffice, not all this oh no! oh no! Not George "The Animal" Steele, please. I am not trying to be harsh but really, shocked? When was the last time you actually thought of George Steele before getting news of his demise this morning?