Feb. 20, 2017

President's Act Factual

Sally Was His Procession Period

I just finishing reading this linked article that Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home will reveal the concubine quarters of Sally Hemings, Jefferson's female slave whom he supposedly fathered six children while she a slave and him, her master. Miss Hemings, quarters were just down the hall from her master's private bedroom. He could enter at his leisure and do with her as he pleased. You see Sally Hemings was no more than property like the clock on the wall. She could be turned and maneuvered as Jefferson saw fit. This scandalous relationship was hidden from plain sight from the American public for hundreds of years. The bedroom was even replaced and made a bathroom in 1941, so as not to stain the pristine image of the creator of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, as well as the 3rd President of then the White United States of America. You see, Sally Hemings had no right to which any white man or white woman had to respect, she was simply passed around like chattel to be used and abused at the pleasure of her master the supposed Father of American Democracy. So now 2 plus centuries later the American public can see the quarters of this proud, dominated, and abused woman of color. Happy President's Day, because "our black history need not ever be a black mystery."