Feb. 21, 2017

Mad Hatter Is At It Again

TRUMP is one of those white men who represents everything that is foul and inflammatory. TRUMP is capable of turning an obligatory visit to a museum dedicated to honoring the lives of our ancestors into some something which can sicken rather than heal. How can a Carson and a King stand with this man who caters to spotlighting the most evil of man's inhumanity to man? How can they support the vile attitudes that TRUMP has manifested across this nation? While our ancestors roll over in the graves of sacrifice and honor a Carson and a King play puppet to the evil masters bent on tearing down all that our ancestors fought to build up. How dare TRUMP talk of righteousness flowing like rivers when he only wants to poison the waters that are flowing? When will this madness end it's only been five weeks but it feels already like an eternity of despair rekindled like the amber of the flame of the burning house now being revisited by those seeking not solutions but mayhem and hatred of what they simply cannot seem to want or attempt to understand? Make America great again while democracy and justice continue to be fake again.