Feb. 23, 2017

Salute To Frank Marshall Davis, In His Words, My Voice

Frank Marshall Davis passed on to glory in 1987 but in 2007 the Presidential Election, Mr. Davis's name came to the forefront of the media when the soon-to-be President Barack Obama mentioned the name Frank in his memoir and the media then ran with it. Of course, he was accused of being Obama's radical influence as well the person who turned Barack Obama into a communist. Now, understand Frank Marshall Davis was a friend of Mr. Obama's grandfather when the President was a teenager but that hardly mattered. This was a game of smear and tear never mind the fact that he had died almost 20 years before the election of Barack Obama. What I know is this Frank Marshall Davis, almost lynched at 5 years old was a proud black man whose poetic words were descriptive of the struggle of the black race. I salute Frank Marshall Davis today, in his words, my voice because our black history need not ever be a black mystery.