Feb. 23, 2017

Silly Rabbits

Please don’t be that silly rabbit bowls of justice aren’t being served up in Trump’s Republican Party

As a child growing up in the 1960’s I was introduced to Tricks the Rabbit every early in my childhood. I always enjoyed seeing the hijinks of Tricks attempting to take the breakfast cereal from unsuspecting children. I also enjoyed once the kid caught Tricks in the act of the thievery that child saying the following; “silly rabbit Trix is for kids. You think I ate Trix growing up in East Baltimore well you darn right I did. The colorful corn puffs were a staple on our kitchen winter, spring, summer and fall. I found out as I got older that Tricks was created by Joe Harris in May 1955. Harris was an artist for advertising agency of the Dancer Fitzgerald and Sample. It was that agency that coined the phrase “silly rabbit Trix are for kids”. The Trix cereal actually was developed by General Mills and the cereal came out the year I was born 1954. Now, what does that have to do with my “you had better ask somebody” post on my blog today? Well, let me say everything. You see no matter what Tricks did he never ever ended up with that delightful bowl of Trix cereal. He simply was after all just a silly rabbit.

Fast forward to 2016 and I have rephrased the term”silly negroes the republican party is for misinformed, uneducated, spiteful, deceitful, backward thinking white folks. Now I’m not going to broad brush this essay to say “all” white folks that would indeed be insane. You see there are many informed, educated, respectful, forward thinking white folks in this country today. It just seems that none of them currently want to be considered republicans. The republicans I see on my news media searches, television screens, and talk shows seem to be people that I question have any feelings of positivity about people of color no matter the race or ethnicity. The people our this new age republican party espouse building a wall to separate nations; question the passage of the 15th amendment which abolished slavery in 1865; openly support a hate group whose history is so vile and heinous that it is abhorrent that it still exist the KKK; portrays the current elected President of this nation as beast swinging from trees in the jungle; openly disrespects the office of the Presidency by disrespecting the office holder capacity to fulfill his constitutional duties; wants to expel from the nation 15 million people and ship them back to where they come from; practices religious hatred of any person not practicing the Christian religion; and the list of what this new age party trumpets his clearly put in focus by the current man who most likely will be the standard bearer come November 2016, Donald Trump, yes, that’s right, Donald “Celebrity Apprentice” Trump. Trump who now regularly works his new found base up into a frenzy of hatred and confusion. Those who support him cannot tell you why they really support Trump but they do. They become Trump’s zealots to the cause of misplaced patriotism. It’s almost as if they are willing to go so far off the reservation of common sense and intelligence it is crazily comical.

I know that this post will anger black republicans. Hell, it will most like also anger black folks who will immediately say well the democrats haven’t don’t anything remotely satisfactory to earn our support. Well in many instances that is true. However this new age white Republican Party member well he’s so different so much like the person our ancestors knew so well. Trump says make America great again and they only hear make America white again. How do black republicans ignore these messages of hatred and confusion currently coming from convention halls across this country? Well, that black republican is like Tricks attempting to secure a bowl of Trix cereal. No matter how you spin the story that silly rabbit never got his bowl of cereal. And no matter how you spin this political republican story is spun black republicans will never get a bowl of justice from these pariahs who are only serving up bowls of injustice for peoples of color. You really telling me black republicans whose ancestors were fed walls segregation and racial exclusion wants to build walls now to separate nations? You telling me Black Republicans you will support as your party’s standard bearer an individual who openly now supports the KKK? Come on you telling me that you don’t have any problem breaking bread with people who still feel you should be enslaved on plantations? Black Republicans you don’t have any problems with your party’s open disrespect of a person of your race holding the highest office in the land being profiled as a vile beast of the jungle? That’s why I thought about that campaign that encouraged me to eat Trix as a kid. No matter what that rabbit did he never got a bowl his of Trix cereal. My feeling tonight is that no matter what black republicans do to turn this party around they will never get their bowl of justice. The majority now in this republican party lead by Donald Trump and his team of loonies will only be serving up bowls of injustice. So get mad, tell me I’m crazy, tell me I’m misinformed, tell I’m not seeing the bigger picture, I’ll simply say again silly negro this current republican party is a different type of white folks the type your ancestors fought against. This is a new age, old age republican political party and they want no part of the likes of you. Unless of course, you are serving up tea and crumpets in uniform.