Feb. 25, 2017

What's My Name, Circa, 2017, Come On Mad Hatter

A new version of what's my name circa, 2017, Muhammad Ali Jr., son of the late great Muhammad Ali was detained at an airport in Miami after returning with his mother from a speaking engagement in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Muhammad Ali, born in 1972 in the city of Philadelphia, Pa. yes, he's a US Citizen born and bred was held up in customs because he unlike his mother didn't have a photo showing him with his late famous father. The agents are now entrusted with keeping "all" Muslims out of the United States under the new edict of this current administration.

So no matter the situation that eventually allowed Muhammad Ali Jr. to finally be given permission to enter the country. He was held up for questioning simply because his last name was"Ali". The original name bearer his father fought hard to have that name memorialized for all time. Yet, in Trump's America, "what's my name" is back again and carries no weight no matter the prestige that name had earned beforehand.

Muhammad Ali, in his grave for less than a year now must have rolled over and recoiled with the lack of respect his son was given by this government. The honor of a Muslim name doesn't work in this new age of religious suppression. So, what's his name, well I call him "The Mad Hatter" and his policies will darken the atmosphere of this nation and elevate hatred and ignorance in our country? Wake Up This Isn't What America Should Ascribe Too Is It?