Mar. 1, 2017

News Media Pundits Wake Up

I am saying this afternoon please don't drain the swamps. We as Americans simply need to drain the news media of these god-forsaken pundits. Especially those who fell for that bullcrap coming out of The Mad Hatter's mouth last night. I can understand Fox News falling all over themselves to call the Trumpster, presidential, but damn if The Mad Hatter didn't roll in Van Jones with that charade last night, as well, as, Tom Brokaw, who fell for that nonsense. Not only did he tell America that he cared only for his cronies and profits but he also told the coming generations that the earth's environment like it or not was going to be shattered on his watch. He also implied rather strongly that any realistic hope of true justice and equality was also on the chopping block that will lean towards injustice.