Mar. 2, 2017

Killer K Virus Hazardous To .....

I see where James Harden finally fessed up that he had to get from beneath the Kardashian web in order to truly turn his career around. You see I look at Lamar Odom who was almost stifled and locked out of life by that same Kardashian web. I also know that Kanye West has never been the same once struck by the K virus. The Kardashian bug is truly hazardous to the black man, the virus is even hazardous to other men it turned a former Olympic decathlete from virile to sterile and from the man's man to who am I? So, brothers, if a Kardashian sneaks up on ya run for the damn hills because that virus seems to have the capacity to chill and make you mentally ill. Now it seems that Kristin Thompson has fallen into the Kardashian trap, hey Lebron watch out for your boy. He's in a career ending circle and that repeat may end up in a Cavalier defeat this summer.