Mar. 6, 2017

Exclusionary History A White Washing

The two recent statements from Ben Carson today and Betsy Devos last week were. not coincidental. They are both deliberate attempts by the so-called right wing party to whitewash slavery from the history books of America. It started with the Texas Book Adoption in 2015 which did in fact whitewash slavery from US History textbooks in the state. This is no error in judgment it is a concerted plot to whitewash their history, diminish the reality and savageness of slavery try to make it acceptable and Ben Carson is indeed involved in this dastardly scheme. If you follow the bouncing ball from Texas to today and having done this on the anniversary of the Dred Scott decision is even more appalling. Yet it is the right wing doctrine and not at all surprising. HBCU's being a matter of school choice for blacks in the 19th century and the immigration from Africa of the black people. You need to read between the lines because the goal is to "whitewash" the black experience from the history textbooks that our children are reading. Don't think it's hype because it isn't it is a definite act of exclusionary history and we are the targets. The goal is to whitewash American History in the 21st Century.