Mar. 8, 2017

Coming Soon The Ultimate Sacrifice

Coming Soon,
I just completed a short project on martyrs of the civil rights movement. I will be posting it to my blog shortly. Not all of them of course just 40 or so that are recognized at the Montgomery Alabama Civil Rights Museum. I felt a need to do this because I am sick and tired of seeing our brothers killing each other with no sense of remorse in our cities today. I feel that if they understood the sacrifices we as a community faced in the 50's and 60's just to stand up against oppression. Maybe they would be hesitant about pulling the trigger and striking down each other today. I hope that you will share this my salute to those black and white who saw injustice and tried to do something about it. I feel that in these times when you see justice and truth being rolled back we must never forget that our black history should never be a black mystery.