Mar. 12, 2017

Burning Sands, A Flaming Mess

Joe Smoke Provoked Thoughts
Critic's Corner
Burning Sands, Concerning Images

I just finished watching Burning Sands it was a mess. It was a dehumanizing and degrading display of black manhood. Why would anyone accept the act of spitting in one's face as a measure of brotherhood, or compassion? The physical abuse that these young men accepted during this fictional Hell Week were overstated and quite frankly deplorable. In addition, the leadership displayed by the so-called graduate members of this fictional organization was without question acts of pure criminality. So how can Netflix which produced Luke Cage and The 13th allow Burning Sands to be aired is beside me? This is neither representative of valued programming or representative of educated black men seeking to better their communities. Also, besides name value can someone explain the purpose of Alfre Woodard's role in the film. The only defining value of the film was the utilization of a Frederick Douglass speech and a couple of his quotes of Mr. Douglass in this film. I am sure that Mr. Douglass would've cringed at how black men were portrayed by other black men in this film. Otherwise, the film had absolutely no merit or value other than to secure some paychecks for those employed by the company who produced this garbage supposedly articulated as an artistic creation. They should have left the entire project on the cutting board or sought some better script writers. This is simply my opinion, take it or leave. However, I want that 1 hour and 30 or so minutes back. Burning Sands was a Flaming Mess.