Mar. 13, 2017

Sports Moment

Sports Monday Moment
Joe Smoke Provoked Thoughts

When the Washington Wizards were 2-8, I misread the season's tea leaves and called for a dismantling of the team. I admit I was totally wrong about this team and Coach Scott Brooks. They are now 41-24, which means that are 39-16 since that post. They are only 2 games behind the Cleveland Cavaliers for the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. If they win today against the Minnesota Timberwolves they will have completed a 5 game sweep on this current West Coast swing. Besides LeBron James hitting that miraculous 3 point basket at the buzzer to secure a win for the Cavs. The Wizards would be tied for the number 1 seed in the Conference with only 17 games remaining in the season. What a complete turnaround with the team who now present a huge obstacle in the way of the Cleveland Cavaliers reaching the NBA Finals this year. Who would've thought that after 10 games in the beginning of the season? When many people thought, and I was one of them that just reaching 41 wins for the entire season was a reach. What a magnificent accomplishment for the entire team from its mercurial backcourt of John Wall and Brad Beal, to the frontcourt of Porter, Morris, and Gortat, as well as the bench that has been totally revamped with the addition of Jennings, Mahinmi, and Bogonovich. This team is a threat not only to the Cavs but to the entire league. The Wizards may indeed surprise the league and win the whole darn thing in 2017. They have defied the prognosticators who underestimated the grit and determination of the entire Washington Wizard team and organization.

Go Wizards