Mar. 20, 2017

The Mad Hatter 23

Provoked Thought
Mad Hatter Strikes Again

TrumpCare, The Russians, The Treacherous Trump Budget, The FBI Investigation, Suspicious Tweets, False Allegations of Bugging, Asking For A Pleasantly Colored Wall That Is Anything But Pleasant, Religious Bans, Bill of Rights Denials, and on and on and on. When will add this madness come to an end? Who is indicted first Trump or Pence, maybe both? The Executive Branch of the American Democratic Government is under extreme attack from within. This is the most dangerous period of our Executive Branch of Government since the Watergate Period when both elected individuals Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon were forced to leave office leaving the Executive Branch of Government in shambles. I mean Reagan had Iran-Contra, as well as Alexander Haig's" I'm in charge" scenario, while Clinton had Monica Lewinsky, and George W. Bush had Katrina as well as the missing weapons of mass destruction. Yet none of these adventures touched both elected officials in the Executive Office. It is my feeling that Russian involvement in the Presidential election will indeed touch both Trump and Pence, which means that Paul Ryan, Speaker of The House may end up in the Oval Office by the end of 2017. That may sound ludicrous but treason is an impeachable offense and if both Pence and Trump or Trump and Pence collectively knew of the actions of the Russians than both men will topple. Maybe that is the only way this nation will get back on any measure of equality of equal footing is to completely devastate the democratic processes of government? Maybe it will lead to truly constructive discussions between the two parties this country is entirely torn apart due to this mad man's crazy actions. As well as the stupidity of those unfortunate souls who actually pulled the lever for his election. Now we know the fix was in and the Russians helped select Trump/Pence. The only thing left to do is to expel this team from Washington as quick as possible. The only problem is damn, Paul Ryan, as President? Well, he'll have limited power as did Gerald Ford when he replaced Richard Nixon in 1971. So let's do this thing follow the evidence, James Comey, or should I say follow the money or the rubles.