Mar. 25, 2017

The Republican Plan Was No Plan

I really believe that the republicans had absolutely no intention of repealing the ACA. It was a public diversion to keep Americans off balance intellectually and ignorant of the true issues that are present in our republic. Of course, they attempted to derail ACA, they even attempted to separate ACA from Obamacare although both programs were exactly the same. The fact that they linked failed healthcare solely to Obamacare was purposely done. So when voters went to the polls against Obamacare those same voters were in favor of the Affordable Care Act both bills one in the same but misaligned intentionally for political purposes. The reason that these cutthroats were able to maneuver this is based on the fact that many Americans are simply unsophisticated as well as for a lack of a better description ignorant to anything more complex than a television script geared to an 8-year-old. When reality television has captured the minds of many Americans and when Fox News dictates what is or isn't newsworthy. Then no doubt politicians can and have controlled what is or isn't reality. So, when the actual foot was placed to the fire those who expressed the need for change during the entire term of President Obama's healthcare program understood that they had only meant to stonewall justice and not in anyway attempt to create a more just system. They used the tactics of being obstructionists to elect an incompetent President, who in fact appointed an inferior team to administer the government. So as long as Americans are dumbed down intelligent change is never going to be an option for this country. Just my provoked thought for a Saturday afternoon.