Apr. 4, 2017

Dump Trump Now

When this nation should be accelerating a number of federal grants for college for students entering with low economic means. This crazed administration has decided to cut the size of monies available for Pell Grants to those students. This makes absolutely no sense because the federal dollars currently allocated are not nearly enough to cover the increasing debt students have now due to a number of burgeoning college loans. When will this nation's leaders truly put America First?
You know how you make America Great Again, Mr. Trump, you educate the young aspiring citizens. Oh, that won't work for your crew because educated folks would question the insanity of your team's actions. We can no longer allow for an Executive Branch elected whose popular electoral count that was surpassed by his rival by more than 3 million votes to systematically roll back the clock of justice and sit idly by and observe this madness.
Trump is the embodiment of everything that we a people seeking justice fought against and continue to battle. It's as if the darker clouds of injustice have formed a storm named Trump and that storm has measured the nation with winds of adversity and hate. This storm will indeed make landfall with destructive force to destroy and lay barren any hope of true equality for many generations. How can anyone of sound mind think that Trump's actions are close to being fair?