Apr. 4, 2017

In His Words, My Voice The American Dream , Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Two years after his famous I Have A Dream Speech, on a sweltering day on August 28, 1963, and less than three years before that bullet found it's target in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on July 4, 1965, delivered this sermon about the American Dream, and how the American Dream and his Dream were on the cliffs of hopelessness unless Americans stood up against racism and discrimination. I didn't want to do Dr. King's Final Mountain Top Speech today because I wanted to do two speeches that reflected his delivery to his personal congregants in Montgomery, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. You see even through Dr. King has been gone now for almost 1/2 century his words still are relevant today. We still as a people have too much poverty and community destruction all around us. We still have dilapidated and segregated educational facilities, we still have too many people unable to read or write effectively, we now have a huge degree of technological disparities as well as economic disparities that continue to bleed our communities. So yes Dr. King went to the mountaintop and saw the promised land, you or I may not get to the promised land but that land does exist. We simply must continue to act against the forces that keep shutting the door on freedom.‚Äč