Apr. 7, 2017

Trump's Decepticon, or is it Putin?

I didn't want to comment on the Syrian bombing but circumstances lead me to this post. How naive is the American public? Really, everyone is wondering about the launching of 59 tomahawks missiles on an airfield in Syria. These tomahawk missiles I might add cost the American taxpayers 88.5 million dollars. Don't you realize who you have elected to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and given authority to react or act with force? Trump's healthcare plan decimated, Trump's Supreme Court nominee needs the so-called "nuclear option" to get pass advise and consent in the Senate, Trump's criminality in the 2016 presidential election is about to blow up, Trump's chief tactician Steve Bannon is on the proverbial hot seat, Trump's congressional lackey Nunes, who's running the hearings investigating the Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential election has to step down, Trump's approval ratings are in the toilet and he's about to become the earliest lame-duck President in the history of the nation, and you are wondering why Decepticon Trump launched the missiles? Hell, he even notified the Russians of his intentions prior to the attack which I believe was approved back channel by Putin himself. Of course, Putin public stance was one of adamant disapproval but hey Trump is the Russians selected leader.

So you know what when down I'm guessing it went a little like this:

Putin to Trump is messing up my good thing here,
Trump to Putin what can I do?
Putin to Trump you got some tomahawks right? Use them
Trump to Putin where do I launch them North Korea?
Putin to Trump hell no! Syria you idiot, I'll send you a location shortly
Putin to Trump nothing like a little destruction to make you look presidential, we put you there so don't mess this up
The America Media: Trump is showing strength by going after those evil Syrians who gassed the village
The American Public let's lay off Trump we are in crisis mode

Drop some bombs and the American media and the public loses focus on the real issue here Trump's criminality.