Apr. 16, 2017

Can't Find The Reasons

Can't Find The Reasons?
Something is seriously wrong with this world we live in. I mean murder has become so damn nonchalant. It's sickening that we can seemingly breeze through ending lives for the simplest of reasons. Earth, Wind, and Fire wrote a song called "Reasons". In that song, they sing the lyrics about not being able to find the reasons why we're here and how those reasons soon disappear. Well, when life has lost the value and murder can be viewed on social media as just another engagement on Facebook Live. We as people must look within ourselves for answers to this madness so that we can eradicate the hate that envelopes our existence. Only God with his infinite mercy can unlock the love that man must rediscover for humanity. Right now man's madness has overtaken man's sensibilities and we are on the precipice of mankind's ultimate and total destruction.