Apr. 17, 2017

Evil, Why Not A Little More Love

EVIL, Why Not Choose LOVE
"There are indeed some people who just are simply EVIL. Evil runs through them and it's a shame.Is our damaged society that takes the blame? EVIL'S EVIL and those who do EVIL are constantly playing the HATER'S GAME. Can we turn around EVIL and douse this EVIL flame. Or is EVIL always hidden in life's never-ending shell game?"
"Evil, runnin' through our brain,
we and evil are about the same.
Bad blood through our body flows,
where's the love nobody knows?
Beauty in our face you see,
tryin' to hide all our misery, but
Evil, runnin' through my brain,
I and evil are about the same.
Evil... in our life
Evil... causin' strife
Lookin for a place to gild a little light
in our souls and minds
Maybe if we learn to pray
life would lend us sunshiny days.
And evil running' thru our brains
turn to love and won't be the blame."