Apr. 22, 2017

America's Sickness Isn't Facebook Live

We cannot legislate craziness out of American society today. For over 400 years this nation has been conflicted by a society that was two-faced. On one side of Lady Liberty, it was a nation that proclaimed itself the face of human decency and democracy across the planet. On the other side of Lady Liberty's face, it was the nation that supported and legislated oppression and hatred of people of color within its own borders. So in time, a viral sickness invaded the country, a sickness that hasn't been eradicated to this day. So along with all the technological advances this country has been in the forefront of the virus connects to those advances. No matter how far we move forward something in our nation moves us back to this simple fact. We haven't faced up to the realities of the true issue, America, must come to grips with and solve the issue of the racial virus that continues to produce these insane acts of hate by violence. This morning I just read in USA Today, where Jessie Jackson and the civic leaders in Chicago are asking Facebook to place a 30-day moratorium on Facebook Live. This request would allow the company to place some type of stop device that would not allow incidents like what happened in Cleveland last week to happen again. The utilization of social media to promote acts of terror live to a suspecting audience. Yes, I said suspecting because violence to Americans is as American as the baked apple pie.
This type of censorship would never work in America, why? Because you cannot legislate the craziness and sickness that pervades our society. You can put all the rules in place to counter against the human sickness of mentally disturbed individuals but until we can legislate out of our society the sickness that creates individuals like Stevie Steve, or the live gang rape of that young girl in Chicago in March, or the killing of those nine worshippers in Charleston, or the many other acts of pure hate. Thinking that censorship will provide a medium for society's protection is thinking at the base level of human thought.
How about creating a nation where there isn't a need for each citizen in this country to own 2 guns each? When it is no longer necessary for us to go out in nature and kill game for our survival. You see now the game is humans and we seemingly are engaged in a constant need to hunt ourselves. So Facebook Live, or Instagram Live, or whatever technological medium created to enhance human connections isn't the problem. The problem exists in America where the human sickness has overtaken the human element of kindness and concern. We must wake up to the reality that you cannot stop craziness unless you are truly willing to find solutions to the conditions that have created the craziness. Just my provoked thought for the day.