Apr. 28, 2017

Difference Makers AFC South Big Winners Houston Texans

Draft Analysis 2017
Round One
Deshaun Watson's fall from not being the first QB drafted last night has to be related to the Vince Young and RG III effect. I couldn't believe that he wasn't drafted before Mahomes or Trubisky but the reality to the NFL talent evaluators is both Vince Young and RG III had great athletic skills that masked the deficiencies in their overall game. They must have felt that Deshawn Watson fell into that category. So, it seems that teams are less likely to take a chance on QB's who play without having a true offensive system in college.
Maybe that's the reason the Cleveland Browns passed on Watson; was the fact that they had that one year experience with Johnny Manziel and RG III. Their talent evaluators related those 2 QB's with Watson's skill level and said we'll pass. In addition, once Trubisky was snatched up by the Bears at #2 the Browns felt they could draft the kid from Notre Dame in the second round. Or maybe they are thinking the college quarterback class of 2018 is better than the class of 2017.
My feeling is that D. Watson will be a great professional quarterback because he has a superior wide receiver and tight end along with a running game. He also has O'Brien the quarterback guru as a head coach. Add to that Houston has the number one defense in the NFL. This to me means that division with the Texans, Titans, Indy, and Jacksonville will be fierce really soon. Now that Tom Coughlin is back at the helm of the Jaguars that team will be better much better in a couple more years. Remember before Coughlin won those Super Bowls in New York he developed the original franchise in Jacksonville. Marcus Marriotta in Tennessee is a true difference maker on a franchise on the incline. In Indy, Andrew Luck, if given time in the pocket can tear apart anyone's defense with his accuracy. The only thing has Indy had no defense so they indeed may be the worst of the teams in that division. The next couple of Super Bowl Champions could come from the AFC South.
Of course, Tom Brady will have to retire first it seems because the game of football has changed so much that Tom Brady may play until he's 50. These new rule changes mean you cannot tackle, or breath hard on a quarterback without drawing a flag or suspensions. The league is sensing a changing of the guard and the best move of last night could've been Cleveland's decision to give up that 12th position and trade it to the Texans because Deshawn Watson could flourish in Houston. Are he could continue the trend of superior athlete quarterbacks not being respected in the league any longer. All I know is that Andre Hopkins can go get the football better than Mike Williams and Deshawn has experience throwing to Andre so this could be a huge Texan win. Cleveland had better do something special soon because these past two seasons they have passed on Carson Wietz, Deshawn Watson, and Mitchell Trubisy.