Apr. 28, 2017

Mr. Former President, I Thought? Well, I Guess I Was Wrong And They Were Right

I admire President Obama but the dirtiness of that money is so wrong. During the time when this nation was on the economic edge and double dealing from Wall Street bankers almost pushed this nation off the economic cliff, when black wealth evaporated because of the housing scandals not one single solitary corrupt Wall Street banker was prosecuted by the Obama Administration's Justice Department the very first speaking gig he gets is from the bankers he protected. Well, the stain of the money isn't transparent. Come on now we excepted as much from Bush and his cronies but I excepted more from him. The stench of Washington DC is so damn wrong. So much black wealth was taken but he gets almost 1/2 million dollars for a single speech. Just because it was good for the greedy goose doesn't mean it should be replicated by the supposed honorable gander.