Apr. 30, 2017

The word "Auntie", It Wasn't Always Endearing

Historical Thought For A Sunday

Did you know that the term "auntie" had truly negative implications in the black community? During enslavement and the period following emancipation which included Jim and Jane Crow, The Black Codes our sisters and our mothers, grandmothers were identified by the white supremacist southerners as "auntie" never as Miss or Mrs., it was either hey girl or as they got older whites called them "auntie". The term "auntie" was a derogatory term within our community. It was on the same level as "nigger-girl-boy" it surely wasn't a term of endearment. This is not to be confused with the term "Aunt" which implies either the sister of one's parents or grandparents.

So why in the "hell" are we blacks calling Maxine Waters, Auntie Maxie? If you understand your history you would run as far away from the term auntie as fast as you run away from the term nigger. This to me is indicative that we have lost our connections in many ways to our ancestral roots. There is nothing special is our historical records that indicate "auntie" was nothing more than a term used to diminish our black sisters sense of self and power. Absolutely none of Maxine Waters actions or personality traits indicate her to be anyone's "auntie". Who in the hell started calling for that anyway? Was it the media?