May. 2, 2017

Day Seven, The Portable Frederick Douglass, In His Words, My Voice, Letter To My Old Master, 9/8/184

Join me this morning as I continue to journey down the path of the life and words of Frederick Douglass. Today, I present the open letter, Frederick Douglass wrote to this former master. I will continue to measure the sense of understanding our glorious history to the hopeful heightening of literacy in our community with my Project Uplift Literacy.

“On the tenth anniversary of his escape to freedom, Douglass wrote a scathing public letter to his former master, Thomas Auld. He describes his ascent “from degradation to respectability,” emphasizes his common humanity with Auld, and denounces him for keeping his siblings in bondage and treating his grandmother “like an old horse.”
SOURCE: The North Star, September 8, 1848”