May. 2, 2017

Why The Unedited Version

Why The Unedited Version


Why America

Is Jordan dead

They say a shotgun blast

To the head

Killed him dead

An overdose of lead

Another bright light 

Blown clear outta sight

Why America 

Is Jordan dead?

Because of his race

That white police

Assumed a deadly chase

Killed that young brother

In haste such a damn waste

America is full of people 

With a deadly taste

Why America

Is Jordan dead


Tell me why?

Why did you pull that trigger

I hope it wasn’t because you needed

To see another dead nigger

Tell me why is his gray matter all over the dash

I guess you feel a bullet has replaced the lash

This family wants Jordan not some blood-stained cash

You treated that boy like he was throwaway trash

Your job is to protect and serve

Except when you see black 

Then it disturbs your nerves

Jordan Edwards didn’t get what justice deserves

Young, gifted, black and dead

A Black Life shattered just as if it never mattered