May. 2, 2017


I am sorry but it's "criminal" that a college football coach receives a yearly salary of $11,000,000.00 a year while his players cannot get a paycheck for providing the physical punishment for him to secure that salary. Talk about having a "plantation mentality". How can the NCAA administrators justify coaches getting these exorbitant salaries? Yet, say out the side of their crooked mouths that college athletes at the 1-A Level aren't eligible to be compensated in either football or basketball? I simply cannot rationalize nor comprehend the logic in that decision-making process. This particular coach lives and works in the state of Alabama where the median family income is $44,765.00 per year. However, this state public university can afford to pay a single public servant $11 million dollars per year? This coach is paid almost 246 times as much as the average family in the state, really! Today, I am truly hot about injustice both judicial and now economic. I'm provoked and disgusted that other people cannot see the absolute madness of this situation and level of compensation for a state employee.