May. 4, 2017

We Won't Back Down

Never Forget The Struggle
May 4, 1961
"Never End The Struggle
Until Justice and Freedom
Lights This Nation From East Cape Florida to Cape Alava, Washington to Angle, Minnesota to West Quoddy Head, Maine"
You think that I would forget this day? No way would I forget this momentous day in American History. You see on this day on May 4, 1961, 13 brave young souls got on buses headed out of Washington DC. They intended to integrate the interstate transportation system. Each of these souls knew very well that when they boarded the buses. They were literally signing wanted dead or badly beaten up warrants.
56 years ago today "The Freedom Riders", lead by the incomparable James Farmer, Director of CORE, they decided to venture into the belly of the beast of hatred and Jim and Jane Crow. The intended goal was to bring humanity to a country mired in inhumanity and vengeance based solely on a person's race, this ignorance was perversive through America. It was James Farmer and those 12 other Freedom Riders to pull back the curtain and expose this hatred for all the world to see.