May. 5, 2017

Project Uplift Literacy, The Portable Frederick Douglass, In His Words, My Voice, 1892

In 1892 our country hosted the World's Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. Absent from the event was any participation from the American Black people. In a pamphlet​ distributed by Ida Wells and a team of black activists, they responded to this omission by the white majority of this country. Frederick Douglass wrote a moving essay noting his feeling of Black Americans being completely ignored at the Chicago Exposition.
“In this satirical piece, Douglass emphasizes that slavery has persisted even after emancipation and is the reason why blacks have been excluded from the Columbian Exposition. ” “from the Columbian Exposition. Douglass contributed a chapter to the pamphlet “The Convict Lease System.” Other contributors included Ida B. Wells, the famous antilynching activist, and her future husband Ferdinand Barnett.

SOURCE: Pamphlet, Chicago, 1892”