May. 11, 2017


Today I stand with Lavar Ball as he struggles to grapple against these large athletic shoe and apparel companies. If you know the history of Nike Corporation you will know that this company originated in Eugene, Oregon. The original concept was the creation of a running shoe and it conceptualized that it had a market that could be garnered by that goal. It wasn't until fate happened upon this company to find a unique face of the company that totally changed the game of athletic apparel and shoes. It happened when a young black man from Wilmington, North Carolina became that iconic face of Nike that the entire market shifted and Nike became the dynasty of sports. The black community made both MJ and Nike iconic. Had it not been for our community no way would Nike have experienced the financial growth that allowed it to completely dominate the shoe and apparel industry. As a matter of fact, our community never reaped the benefits of Nike's tremendous economic growth. Our black communities suffered during the period of Nike's incredible growth. We make the swoosh iconic and the swoosh broke our bank accounts. It even caused our youth to react in negative ways just to wear that brand.
Now along comes a new player Big Ballers Brand lead by a bold black man. We as a community should stand behind this venture and turn our dollars around to recirculate within our communities now. It would be fantastic if the community of Black America could stand with the Ball's and change the entire game of athletic shoes and apparel to be more conscious of our community's needs. We could actually build our own dynasty and lead this new movement towards our own financial independence. We hold it within our hands to make this game more conducive to the wants and desires of Black America. Do your thing Lavar Ball, a black man standing tall while those who hate us trying to rise up look to make him small in stature. Change the game BBB and Black America wake up and stop being shook up.