May. 16, 2017

Thank You

Today on my blog, I will exceed 58,000 unique viewers as well as currently exceeding 101,686 viewed pages. As I continue my journey of building my brand. I also am embarking on developing a site that can produce revenue.
It is incumbent for folks like myself to generate different revenue sources that can be handed down to future generations. I truly believe that digital learning, creative development, and engaging
the minds of those in our communities will indeed a consistent revenue-generating market.
Of course, the work that I put into joesmokethoughts should have some level of personal reward. This weekend I had a DM conversation with Vince A Smith, who gave me some additional information on developing partners via marketing affiliates. So, I started the process immediately.
I am pleased to announce that I have gotten approval from Apple Inc. to be selected to the Apple Affiliate Program. I have contacted a few other companies directly to add to my blog's family.

Thanks for the continued support
A Black Brother Saying It's Never Ever Too Late