May. 20, 2017

Special Posting To The Graduates of My Alma Mater

Provoked Thought To Today's Morgan State University Graduates:
To all the new graduates of my Morgan Alma Mater, I welcome each of you to our very special club. Each of you now owns degrees from one the finest educational institutions in the world. So esteemed is the degree from Morgan State University that it now adds the title of national treasure graduate to your personal moniker. Today isn't the end of your Morgan State adventure it is the beginning of the journey to match the efforts of those graduates who have passed the same road as each and every one of you. To say that you won't face obstacles, problems, structural philosophical issues even in the twenty-first century would be given you a pollyanna view of the world in which we live. However never in the history of mankind has the world been as connected as it is today. The reality that if a butterfly flaps it wings on the African continent and it is felt on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay has never been so true. Our black communities need each of you to commit time to our people's uplift. This is a fact and you must accept the challenge to change our communities realities into quantitive positive growth.
As Morgan State University and Howard University, both landmarks in the historical heartbeat of our communities each celebrate 150 years of continued operation. Certain sectors of the black community as in worst condition now than they were when both institutions were celebrating the 100th anniversaries in 1967. Economically, educationally, and politically we have slipped into atmosphere's of desperation and overwhelming community despair. We can no longer sugar-coat the realities or difficulties that our communities face. Those issues, those problems are ever apparent. We need only open our eyes to see those challenges. Yet if we as a proud race of people must consciously decide to merge our interests we can defeat those challenges that are placed before our communities. Those growth obstructions can become constructive learning opportunities.
So enjoy this day celebrate this weekend to the max. It is indeed richly deserved as you leave the campus this morning certified as graduates of Morgan State University. The first and foremost thing you can do for Morgan is becoming card-carrying alumni who are proud supporters of our special organization. Then go on to the many life challenges each of you will face. Prove not only to those who sacrificed for you to reach this goal today but also prove to that inner voice that commands the attention that each of you has the capacity to make this world a better place than the world in which we currently live. Engage in singular as well as group interactions that will bring positive energies to those people whose circles you may touch in your lifetime. Do you, because in doing you, you will indeed make a better us. Let's fix up what's broken, make better what's working, and create more that increases our human potentials and the potentials of every dream merchant in our community. Let's look at today's 3-year-old black child and make this commitment to him/her. Whatever dream they have 20 years from now that dream will be determined not by the skin color, or sociology environment that is placed before them but will be driven solely by the content of their character.