May. 23, 2017

Rest In Peace Cortez

Two of the greatest defensive lineman to ever suit up Reggie White and Cortez Kennedy both died in their 40's after lengthy careers in the NFL. Reggie White died at the age of 43 and Cortez Kennedy died today at the age of 48. It hard to imagine that either of these behemoths of the gridiron was anything short of incredible supernatural athletes. Both Cortez and Reggie were simply unstoppable forces on the defensive line. Cortez manned the Seattle Seahawks defensive line for his entire career while we know that Reggie White applied his talents in Philadelphia and Green Bay. Both, however, were seemingly indestructible forces. It seems that price of playing professional football is a high price indeed.
Just last week we learned that 8 of the undefeated Miami Dolphin team of 1972 are basically living on the cliff of mental and physical disabilities. How many more players have sealed their fates in this violent sport of colliding bodies? How many more players will have their lives slipped through their hands because of violent nature of professional football? I for one us to base my Sunday schedule around this wonderful game that featured these incredible men with awesome talents that were showcased in stadiums across this country. I mean couldn't delight in the site of Earl Campbell running full speed into linebackers who would collide at full DEFCON speed. These collisions were even highlighted in features called BIG HITS. The collisions made the game and the game was centered around those collisions. Now, I wonder how many of these football players will be able to take a simple walk with their wives, children, or be around to hold their grandchildren?
Is that the price of American human entertainment? Are we addicted to the violence that has permeated our society? Is that the reason why collectively we are no longer moved from the incidents of violence that cloud our cities today? The National Football League has attempted recently to take some of the violence out of the game. Yet the players are still getting bigger, faster, more agile and hostile. Which means that you will not be able to legislate collisions from the natural state of the game. I know that this particular sport is supposedly America's Game but why do we have to wait for 5 to 20 years after a player has given all his efforts to deliver the effects of the game into America's Shame. I no longer based my Sunday's, Saturday's, Monday's or Thursday's around this game. Oh, I can still talk about what the game used to mean to me but no longer do I feel the need to gravitate to creating new memories. I would much rather spread some knowledge and build a mind then watch a game that eventually turns a mind into human waste. Of course, this is simply my provoked thought. It isn't meant to deter anyone else from watching the sport of professional football. Each of us must make a conscious decision on whether we want to watch a game that has the potentially debilitating effects in later life to our heroes of the gridiron.
It will also be a person's choice to enjoy what they each choose to enjoy. I have simply decided that for me personally I get no longer get any satisfaction from the violent nature of professional football. Rest in peace Cortez Kennedy, you blessed us with your talents and you strove for excellence. I simply wish you could've spent just a little more time on this planet.