May. 28, 2017

There Was A Time?

Provoked Sunday Thought

There was a time when elevators operators were indispensable when the nation's steel mills were churning out steel and cities near those mills were flourishing. The US Postal Service was a profit making venture and people actually wrote letters and posted stamps on them. The US Postal Workers in urban areas were some of the highest earners in those cities. They were times when shopping malls were a novice to our buying culture. You had to go downtown to buy your goods and perform many of your services. In many of the places of business people of color faced enormous obstacles just to spend monies for those good and services. Yes, there was a time when all taxis were yellow and all hacks were black. There was a time when going to school was a responsibility necessary to grow our cities. It was not considered a chore. It was considered going to a place of high esteem. Teachers of color were held in the highest of regard and learning to read, write, and calculate were a symbol of a people's power. There was a time only the community's most difficult issues was dealing with getting down the number of folks drinking wine and gooch. The body counts were minimal even on the weekends. There was a time when you could send you child out to play without a care he would return that same day. There was a time when urban cities sprouting homeowners nor disgusting vagrant houses. There was a time when we knew our neighbors and actually when over their homes to borrow sugar. The was a time when we had neighbors and not an empty home. There was a time when love was here, there, and everywhere and even in the tunes, we sang. When Detroit, Philly, and Memphis were cities not of gloom they were vibing cities moving to special beats. We always had a Harlem to which we all called home. Yes, my people there was a time when we actually thought that America could be our home.