May. 29, 2017

Healthcare Is a Civil Right

Provoked Thought
Memorial Day
We have been "duped" by large medical insurers that comprehensive medical care is a privilege rather than an individual right similar to the Bill of Rights. We've been educated collectively in America comprehensive medical care is for the privileged few. I really am in no way saying that we should be a socialistic state but really if other nations can provide low-cost medical care for "all" its citizens why can't we? Simply because we have allowed the hype machine of public relations to inform us rather than allow ourselves to be informed. The biggest lobbyists in our government both state and federal are the huge medical insurers. If we decide as a nation to take lobbyist dollars out of our governments maybe this country can truly be we the people rather than we the people with money controlling every aspect of society. Affordable Healthcare shouldn't be out of reach of any America and nor should healthcare drive people to poverty or be unaffordable to those in poverty. Every single child and every single adult should be able to ensure that their medical needs will be treated; no matter his or her circumstances.