May. 30, 2017

Happy 74th Birthday James Earl Chaney

Today’s the day James Chaney was born

Did his skin color foretell his doom

He cried a freedom’s prayer

All those Mississippi whites stood there and just stared

JT wanted simply to go his own way

Live life, share love and have time for play

Yet James Chaney was born in a land of hate

His color defined that he’d never rate

He could have chosen to keep his head bowed down

Walk quietly and not make a sound

That was not the road he walked

Hatred encircled and took him, Mike and Andrew down

Ripped asunder, and beaten down

Shot full of lead all three bodies dead

Crushed bodies sunk in an earthen dam

Lawmen and the people watch and hoot with glee

Go home and drink ice tea

Today’s the day that James Chaney was born

Let’s never forget the price he paid 

Beaten, mangled, shot and left for dead

Simply because his skin was dark

James simply wanted everyone free to take a walk

All as brothers in mankind nature’s wonder park