May. 31, 2017

White Armed Assault On Greenwood

Before there was a 9/11 there was a 5/31



In 1921 on a balmy spring day

Hell unleashed his fury 

Making blacks all run away

You see it took a simple slip

That was the black man’s crime

Fell into a white lady 

And that was all it took

Tulsa’s Greenwood had now run out of time

There was time when separate wasn’t close to equal

Except in the town of Greenwood

When black wealth in this city could be found

That was before the white folks burned Greenwood to the ground

This town had all we needed from banks, schools, and churches

Doctors, Lawyers, and plenty of blacks who were the merchants

These black withstood the hatred and build this town full of grace

Dedicated spiritual folks of the darker race

Simple-minded white folks left this town a waste

They wanted to lynch this man for a slip and fall

The mobs of white folks proceeded to this town

With guns, bats, dynamite, steel poles, and filled with rage

They even used airplanes to do their dirty deeds

Killing, burning, maiming, destroying everything in sight

With no law standing in their way to cease this awful rage

The entire town of Greenwood disappeared in a single day

Black bodies laid on once sacred ground

Black businesses were all burned down

Where is the town of Greenwood?

We asked with no reply, not even a white man’s sigh

Or we’re sorry what we’ve done 

You see if you were black in Greenwood then you were surely on the run

Yes there was a town of Greenwood

Where life was great for blacks

Until that last day of May when Hell came to stay

Satan’s soldiers were the whites

Who took it upon themselves

To ensure that no blacks live that day

And the town of Greenwood would be wiped away