Jun. 1, 2017

Deliver This Message Tonight Read

History or the knowledge of our past experiences is indeed been our very best teacher. We must as Manning Marable states: "create an ongoing living history that merges/aligns with our past history". That way we truly can learn from our past to better each of our futures. The situation facing our black communities is that we are still unaware of so much of our past histories. In so many ways we have allowed our present conditions to define us rather than building on our past experiences. Our educational systems have been polluted by untruths, neglect, and misconceptions of our people's magnificence. In many ways, we have allowed and accepted the fact that we are not a cherished and honored people. We see the destruction all around us and assume that that destruction is a certainty in present and future day. It isn't a certainty nor needs it be a replicable situation. We must as a people stop the cycles of despair and hopelessness that do not bind us but rip at the very fabric of our existence.
The strength of the black people throughout time has been measured in incredible greatness and powerful a sense of inner fortitude. We must as a people ensure that the knowledge of this greatness and inner fortitude is passed on to each of the coming generations. The reason why literacy acquisition is vital is that knowledge will not be passed on by verbalization but it will be passed on by educational technology infused methodologies. We must as a people demand nothing less than absolute community literacy acquisition for every member of our community capable of attaining this vital skill. The lesson of each one teaches one is an absolute truth that we have to take to heart. We cannot allow our generations to continue to be swallowed up by lost dreams and tragic actions. That is why I feel that my small little contribution can be impactful because it comes directly from my heart. It derives its energy from our ancestors who demand of me to spread their stories of dedication, survival, and passion for growth. I hope this make some sense this evening because someone other than myself wrote this. It was written years ago and I simply was given the words today by happen chance. Deliver this message stop losing our generations.