Jun. 2, 2017

16 and Oh, No Could They Do It?

Riddle Me This, What Would Be More Impressive The Annals Of Professional Sports:
1. 33 Game 1969-70) Los Angeles Lakers Winning Streak
2. 17-0 (1972) Miami Dolphins Super Season Record
3. 73-9 (2016) Golden State Warrior Season Record
4. 16-0 (2017) Golden State Warrior Playoff Record
Personally, I think if the Warriors pull off the perfect playoff this season. It should go down as the greatest team accomplishment in the annals of professional team sports. I mean seriously the best athletes are professional basketball players. To have a team roll over 4 straight opponents without a defeat in playoff time. Well, that would be a remarkable achievement. One that will never be topped. Unless of course, they expand the number of rounds in the NBA Playoffs. Already if any team in the NFL wins all games including the playoffs they would surpass the Miami Dolphins record of 17-0. The 2007 New England Patriots actually won 18 consecutive games before losing to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl.
Just a post to discuss amongst sports fans this morning. Of course, the Warriors need to win three consecutive games now to set the record.