Jun. 3, 2017

The Final Bell June 3, 2016

In 1960 he made his first mark 

Some in Rome thought he was simply a lark

He ran through his opponents never receiving a mark

He was pretty so quick as panther’s prowl

Those quick hard jabs caused many to throw in the towels

His quick movements were meant to arouse

In 64 the boxing world  feared Liston’s the most 

Sonny makes Floyd looked as bad as burned toast

He hit Floyd so hard it was like Sonny was cooking a roast

People thought he's turned Floyd into a ghost

So when Clay turned his eyes to Sonny’s mean glare

Everyone in America thought Clay needed some type of divine prayer

Heck Clay even called Sonny Liston a bear

Ain’t no damn way this bear could catch the Clay hare

Cassius however, was headed straight into Sonny’s mean lair

So in the heat of Miami on that warm winter’s night

Sonny Liston’s championship crown was about to take flight

You see Cassius Clay never showed any sights of pure fright

He plays with Sonny as one would play with a kite

Even through Sonny swung with all his damn might

Cassius Clay was about to rise to the greatest of heights

He and his nation were hellbent to fight right

You see it was on the night that he blew by the ring

In all our black communities we started to sing

You see this black man was not going to be pulled by a string

Nor would he allow anyone to put his mouth a sling

He was seemingly Clay for only a day

You see Muhammad Ali put that Clay name astray

Then if his opponents refused to honor Ali 

He made sure that his fists would make them pay

You honored his name or you became prey

While he fought in the ring to earn his payday

He real work was spent to honor Allah

The Nation of Islam was his true calling

For once he committed he’s never be crawling

Fighting for justice left most of his enemies sprawling

One day in Houston he refused to go fight in the Army

You see to Muhammad Ali the nation’s cause was alarming

They snatched up his crown and convicted him quickly

Heck most of White America viewed Ali quite damn sickly 

How dare that he reject America’s demand 

Who cares if this war was not part of religious command

No way that this man would take this hard stand

So everyone in the white press called for his ban

For more than a 1000 days he would wait

Never once did Ali breakdown and cut bait

You see justice was entirely greater than great

Ali stood tall and many others would fall

This epic battle would not be his downfall

He came to the ring with an absolute vengeance 

Fought many a fight against foes near and far

Ali would become an international star

Heck I think Ali could have been elected czar

Following Ali was like always being in a bazaar

He fought through the 70’s some said he should stop

You see no boxer ever has beaten the body’s time clock

This man who was ever so brash, bold and defiant

Was headed straight to be a full-time medical client

Ali who spoke with such vigor and vim

Ali who could put words together with ease

Ali who could make rhymes dance off his tongue like a breeze

That Ali was left in that boxed ring

The new Ali now was maintained and hamstrung

You see this Ali had seeming lost his great tongue

No more could he chatter

No longer the mad hatter with the viper’s quick wit 

Ali still had all that incredible gray matter

However without that bold voice did it at all really matter

For almost three decades he was with us after his voice had taken flight

For those who had loved him, this was no a great sight 

However, we will always love him with all of our great might

You see Muhammad Ali stood for everything being right.

He was indeed the greatest of all time and I hope that you all will

appreciate my last rhyme.