Jun. 4, 2017

June 4, 1972 12:35 PM Free Angela Freed Angela

Today, 45 years ago the criminal proceedings against Angela Yvonne Davis came to a justifiable end. When 12 white jurors actually saw through the fabricated charges that the federal government and the state of California had indicted Ms. Davis. The only thing Angela Davis was guilty of plain and simple was being in love and being black. At the time I was completely mesmerized with Angela Davis. She of the perfect afro and the marvelous, incredible intellect. She was to an 18-year-old young black man the personification of what every black woman should be. However, on August 7, 1970, young brother Jonathan Jackson lead an attack on the Marin County Courthouse to free his brother George and the other members of the Soledad Brothers. The effort failed but Jonathan Jackson used weapons purchased by Angela Davis in the folied attempt that left 4 dead and 2 wounded and a target on the head of Angela Yvonne Davis. You see this revolutionary action occurred during Ronald Reagan's term as governor and while Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover terrorized black communities all over the nation.

Simply because of her association with George Jackson, Angela Davis, became public enemy #1 and all the forces of the law enforcement both state and federal swooped down to place a net around Angela Davis. She was able to evade capture for about 2 months, longer if she knew she was wlecomed in my home. Angela Davis faced capital murder charges and had not the State of California's Supreme Court not outlawed the death penalty in 1970. Angela Davis would have been facing death in the gas chamber, all for simply being a black female in love with a convicted black revolutionary. The fate seemed sealed against Angela Davis when the jury was selected 12 whites held Angela Davis freedom in their hands. I guess Reagan, Hoover, and Nixon felt it was a fait accompli after jury selection but those 12 indididuals saw through the government's ruse and after 13 weeks of testimony deemed that Angela Yvonne Davis may have been guilty of love but she certainly wasn't guilty of conspriracy to commit muder. Angela Davis was innocent and able to continue her fight for freedom for peoples of color all over this country and the world. Today June 4, 1972 at 12:35 PM PST Angela Yvonne Davis was set free and the black community rejoiced because this tragic event didn't take down another innocent soul.  Free Angela Freed Angela  Our Black History Need Never Remain A Black Mystery.