Jun. 7, 2017


While a blind 79-year-old black man sits uncomfortably in a Courthouse in the State of Pennsylvania facing criminal proceedings of alleged sexual charges. In the White House, our President and admitted pussy-grabbing masochist is running this nation’s neediest people into the ground of despair. While Bill Cosby does at least have a history of being a philanthropist who has literally given 100’s of millions of dollars to infuse into many educational institutions across this nation. Our President is leading the charge along with his incompetent Secretary of Education Betsy Devos of cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from the public school systems of our neediest students. I have intentionally decided that as long as Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Bill Cosby needs to be immediately given his walking papers and be allowed to live the remaining days of his life in solitude without the threat of criminal prosecution hanging over his head.

So I am refusing to spend any more time on future posts or my blog writing, discussing the sexual perils of Mr. Bill Cosby. To me that Cosby pony sexual ride ended when this nation elected Donald Trump as President. At that knowing in full faith the accusations facing Trump sexually. They decided away to give him a pass and along with a pass give him leadership of this nation. So this morning I am requesting that our black communities look towards the compassion necessary to give Mr. Bill Cosby a pass, but we won’t give him reigns to a nation. You see we must understand we as a community have far more pressing issues than attempting or beginning to support the prosecution of a 79-year-old elderly blind man. Have you seen Mr. Cosby in the courtroom lately? Really? He is being led around the court with total assistance and his pride has been utterly destroyed. Is that what sparks justice in the minds blacks and whites today? While Trump is eviscerating our environment and leading us down a morally bankrupt path of social consciousness. We seem hell-bent on pressing Mr. Bill Cosby into the ground of disgrace.

Oh, America, you could indeed find a grand jury willing to indict Mr. Cosby for alleged actions taken more than 11 years ago. When Mr. Cosby may have fingered a woman sexually while she supposedly was drugged by Cosby's special blue pills. Our President, Donald Trump, admitted publicly to grabbing females by the crotch for his sexual pleasures. The voters rewarded Mr. Trump with a nation while Mr. Cosby is facing time in a state penitentiary. In that case, only the only two witnesses are Cosby and the alleged victim. This woman had already settled the civil case in 2006. Yet, prosecutor Kevin Steele, and the entire prosecution team of the State of Pennsylvania who is looking to crush whatever is left of decency of Mr. Bill Cosby. They are building their political resumes on the carcass of Cosby's ass being placed on a spike. They made sure this old blind ass man with a cane with the aid of his lawyers faced the prep walk and fingerprinting during America's most precious Christmas holiday season. While Donald Trump was planning his inauguration. Yet, all of America could see if they wanted to this atrocity of justice being played out on the cable news screens while Trump continues to tweet foolishly away.

How many 79-year-old blind white men are facing the wrath of the criminal justice system for acts done decades past? Didn’t the President of Fox who recently died walk away with a golden parachute for unwanted acts of sexual proclivity? Didn’t the Fox Channel settle up with those women who accused O’Reilly  and then let Bill O’Reilly walk away from his alleged repressive unwanted sexual acts against female Fox employees?  He even walked away with a nice termination settlement package, you know a golden parachute. I didn’t see either Roger Ailes or Bill O’Reilly doing any prep walks?  There is and will always be a double standard in this country for people of color no matter their financial station in life. In our communities across the nation, our bodies are dropping literally like flies at a summer barbecue. Yet, I hear no calls of urgency from the powers to be justice and equality to our communities. Yes, you must say that there are two opposite poles of injustice here in America when you discuss white justice as opposed to black justice. It’s almost hilarious it wasn’t so damn obscene. In a nation where many white Americans still believe that blacks are three/fifths of a person because it was written in the original Constitution. The constitution which many of those ignorant people probably haven’t read nor comprehend. Those same Americans believe that science is Satan's tool. They along with Donald Trump have a level of incompetence as it relates to scientific fact.  Some believe every word in the Bible is the gospel truth never to be questioned or refuted even when those words literally are mythologically written. These two comparisons Trump versus Cosby must be analyzed simultaneously to have a clear level of comprehension. How can any wise person get to further embarrass Mr. Cosby while happily celebrating the actions of our admitted crotch groping President?  The black community rich and poor, educated of not must wake up and understand that justice is fleeting in America when the color of hue is darker than white.  So privilege gets you a home on Pennsylvania Avenue, or a golden parachute if you are a white crotch grabber but if you are black you are crushed to the earth. So wake up brothers and sisters we've been sleeping way too long. Look at the timing of these incidents think it's coincidental? Really?