Jun. 7, 2017

Cut The Cake Mankind

Our History Need Not Be A Mystery
I don't know about you but news that homo-sapiens (original man) now go back another 100,000 years to 300,000 from 200,000 years sure puts a damper on that theory that man originated fully formed in the Bible's version of the Garden of Eden. Archeologists just discovered evidence in a cave in the Sahara Desert that possibly an entire family resided there over 300,000 years ago. Our living history continues to live forward and takes monumental leaps backward as the world's scientists try to unravel and comprehend human conception, human development, and human existence. One thing that cannot be denied is that in either case life whether in East Africa 200,000 years ago, or the Sahara Desert 300,000 years ago, life as we know it originated on the African continent and spread outward. This is so darn fascinating and I bet it won't get any true media attention unless of course "he" tweets about it. Which is highly unlikely because he doesn't believe in the scientific theory of evolution or any intelligent scientific investigations. Especially if that science gives credence to life originating on the African continent. So I'll just post this as a fun science fact of the day. Happy birthday, mankind you just aged 100,000 years today.
Cut The Cake!