Jun. 7, 2017

Games Are Meant To Divert Our Attention Period

Provoked Thoughts:
Our urban communities are in total disrepair from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Yet we got folks blowing up their blood pressures and stroking out for a damn basketball series, or the outcome of a football game. I wonder if that is how the Romans felt at the Coliseum before the fall of that damn empire. Black folks don't even own a Coliseum nor do we have anything close to Empire, except on Fox on Wednesday nights.
It's game, sports, folks that is all it is and all that it ever will be. The richest of us pay these players to entertain us. They are purposely placed as mental and emotional diversions to occupy our thoughts. Why worry about saving our communities or ensuring that our babies prosper beyond the playgrounds. Worry whether Lebron can get a triple double? You can you define a triple double but not read the words on a printed page?
We got 80% of our black males in California unable to read and write proficiently. Now that's the real game of life, not the Warriors or the Cavaliers. You see if the NBA Champion was so damn special they wouldn't have one crowned every single year.
Don't continue sleep while the real world continues to pass us by. Rather than asking our young brothers how strong is their post up move, or their handle, or their jumper. We need to start asking how strong is your vocabulary game.